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'No Sale—No Fee' Guarantee

We believe that the whole risk of selling your home should be on us. You will never be out of pocket. Until your property is sold, you will pay nothing whatsoever. Grantham Real Estate carries all the advertising and marketing costs: no risk, no obligation. 

Selling methods

GRE's approach provides the best outcome for vendors, achieving the highest possible price through proper negotiation and selling method. 

Understanding the needs of buyers and sellers is paramount to all successful campaigns. A successful sale isn't just about listing, advertising and hoping for the best — it is about having a well-thought-out campaign that is tailored towards the right buyer who will pay the maximum price.

GRE 'Set Date Auction'

This method of sale brings together elements of the auction and the private sale. It offers the discretion of a private campaign, while drawing on the urgency and competition associated with an auction. A 'Set Date Auction' campaign will typically run for a period of 21 days, with a specified closing date for the submission of highest offers. This method allows for negotiation with numerous parties, and even the possibility of a sale prior to the closing date. In the case of a vendor who desires greater control and discretion, this method of sale is particularly effective.




Property Presentation

It is important to present your property to its best advantage. Grantham Real Estate has a team of experts, including stylists and tradespeople, who can help with presentation. 


Selling can be highly stressful. Choosing the right agent can be a difficult process. If you would value a no-obligation chat, or some helpful advice regarding the sale of your property, get in touch with us.


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